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Our collections practice is tailored to the needs of each client: whether a judgment creditor, financial institution, private lender, an individual business with outstanding receivables, we are well-versed in pursuing matters of all sizes to judgment and then collecting on the same.

Mamone Villalon provides a full-suite of collections services for institutional lenders. From sending initial notices to locating and serving parties, to obtaining writs of sale and asset execution. We pursue collections on many types of secured and unsecured debts, including credit card agreements, lines of credit, residential mortgage foreclosures (including GSE-backed loans), commercial mortgage foreclosures and vehicle loans. We also represent lenders who stand as junior lienholders in foreclosures.

We are familiar with the intricacies of Florida’s judicial foreclosure process and Florida’s codification of the Uniform Commercial Code. All of our collection efforts are conducted with an eye for detail and for compliance with the many federal and state consumer-protection statutes and regulations. We also work closely with in-house personnel on matters outside of court, such as monitoring, code compliance and loss mitigation efforts.

Mamone Villalon is also dedicated to protecting collateral at every stage of the collection process. Where loans for vehicles are concerned, we’re experienced in bringing replevin actions to recover property and thereafter collecting on deficiency balances. We are also skilled in dealing with third-party claims against collateral, including claims of lien for repair, storage or warehousing. We know all too well that many financial institutions in South Florida receive third-party notices for alleged repair, storage or towing of a vehicle, often without substantiation. Because we have a deep understanding of Florida’s possessory and non-possessory lien laws, we are able to quickly investigate and aggressively litigate these matters.

We are equally-focused on pursuing full payment of judgments. Our experience in post-judgment actions affords us the tools to track down and collect on assets. This may require depositions in aid of execution, writs of execution, wage garnishment or actions against third parties to whom assets were transferred. Because of our experience in this area, we are often called upon to represent in-state and out-of-state creditors who seek to enforce judgments in Florida. We’re also experienced in helping our clients pursue judgment debtors outside of Florida by domesticating and pursuing judgments in other jurisdictions.

We understand that collections by nature are about maximizing recovery against further expense. For that reason, our commercial collections service is comprehensive yet cost-efficient, and we routinely offer flexible fee arrangements tailored to each client.

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