Corporate Lawyers In Miami

Mamone Villalon is here to provide your company with a full suite of corporate legal services. Many disputes could have been avoided with competent representation as early as the drafting or negotiation phase. As a result, our attorneys routinely serve as outside general counsel that our clients can rely on from everything from quick day-to-day questions to selling your business.

We routinely advise and assist our clients in the formation of their businesses, including advising on the various corporate forms available, drafting and submitting the necessary state and federal documentation, and preparing critical governance documents like bylaws, operating agreements, or joint venture agreements. While many firms provide boilerplate documents, we take the time to consider the businesses’ goals and tailor these critical documents accordingly. Our experience as litigators is particularly valuable in these early stages as we can identify potential problem areas that may arise down the road.

After formation comes the hard part: running your business. Our clients can rest assured that they won’t do it alone. We take the time to learn your business so that we can provide you with practical advice and not just legal platitudes. Have an employment question? Need a contract reviewed? Do you need to standardize your agreements? Have you received a subpoena or demand letter? We are here to help.

We also pride ourselves on representing clients in highly regulated industries or industries with high barriers to entry like aviation, insurance, money services, and consumer lending. Increasing regulation and data protection are a reality of the modern world. We believe that all companies should have access to reasonable compliance counsel to avoid potentially devastating compliance issues. We actively monitor major decisions and regulatory developments to provide proactive solutions so you can focus on operations.

Finally, as a Miami-based firm, we have strong relationships throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Nowadays, almost all businesses have at least some international exposure. Mamone Villalon understands this and we leverage our experience and network of colleagues to help our clients meet every challenge.

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